Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Schedule

up until the end of november...
7.30am. leave for work
5.30pm- 6pm: get home and grab dinner
6-7pm: go jogging/walking( yes o! only so many fat jokes a sister can handle)
7.30pm arrive at school library
11.00pm/ midnightish get home from library and fall into bed..
so i promised to post some of my new music faves, here we go..

You guys were right.. I finally go into the new WH... this has been on heavy rotation

This is the song from the last post... apparently imeem only works if you have an account.
This clip also includes the song he has with Mary Mary.. in short the whole album is faya! its called the power of one.

This is not really new but oh well..

And of course Chrisette. everytime this song comes on the radio, i turn it up, sing as loudly as i can while trying to do my best woman scorned face.. Praise Jesus for tinted windows :)

I have some more but its bed time so to be continued
have a great weekend people!

P.S Mgbeks can i just say thank you for being my unpaid albeit unlicensed shrink, I heart cha mucho *muah*

But it is not the one who commends himself who is approved,
but the one whom the Lord commends
2 Cor 10:18

Friday, September 11, 2009

Been a while....

Since I did a random post, it’s Friday and I need to procrastinate so what better way?

1) I still can’t believe summer is over, its back to the crazy studying again.. Oh well. Unto everything there is a season right?

2) I went back to FL for my coz’s bridal shower and mehn I had serious thoughts of moving back. I so did not want to come back here.

3) Speaking of the homestead, I got some new music from my fam and it feels like I am in music heaven. I will share some of my new faves later.

4) While we are on the music subject, I seriously cannot get into the new Whitney CD… maybe I need to grow into it? Heck, I just finally got into Chrisette Michele and her album has been out for a hot minute. How awesome is that “blame it on me “song? I listen to it at least 5 times a day and THAT’s not counting the times it comes on the radio!

5) Am I the only one who really does not care about the whole Sony deal? I don’t think there is anyone in the world who believes ALL Nigerians are crooks. In the words of madea “it’s not what you are called, it’s what you answer to” so anyone who wants to dispose of their Sony items preferably PS3s.. I am willing to send you my address.

6) Speaking of madea, this is the first time a Tyler Perry movie comes out and I am not there opening night. I just don’t feel like it. Come to think of it, I don’t feel like a lot of things. Hmmm.

7) I am really quite nervous about certain areas of my life. Help me Jesus

8) On the bright side, can I just say having convictions and sticking to them, no matter what, is a beautiful thing.

This is my new theme song.. i have to listen to it EVERY morning