Monday, March 29, 2010


Howdy Blog world.. been a while eh? I don’t even understand what happened, I think I lost my blog mojo(not like I had much in the first place) but yea I guess I am somewhat back.

I must say this first quarter of 2010 has been quite eventful. I can’t complain though because the good definitely outweighed the bad.

I think for the first time in a long time I am able to say that life is good. I can’t say its due to any one thing, I just think it’s mostly because I finally let go of the belief that life is supposed to be easy. So right now all I do is celebrate the good and work through the bad taking everything one day at a time. I am much better for it.

My friend showed me a text from one of her toasters in naija. The guy would toast her and add bible references to back it up. So he’ll say something like “I think you are pretty (Psalm 116:12)” I almost passed out from laughing.

Speaking of naija I went to a naija wedding this past weekend the more i attend those things the more i am quite sure i want to elope. The best story was this one couple(guests at the wedding) that were dressed in all white from head to toe, as in the husband wore a white suit complete with white shoes and the wife wore white long skirt flamboyant lace outfit, her white was even whiter than the bride’s. *smdh*

What percentage of the things that happen to us in life is attributable to our decisions and consequently our actions? And what percent can we say is fate, luck, chance?

My mantra for 2010 is “no mo’ drama” I have been very proactive about it too. Peeps been getting nexted left and right.

I have this “friend”, I can’t place my finger on it but there is something just shady about the girl. I find myself not believing anything she says and not wanting to hang with her or tell her personal things about me. The problem is she’s friends with people close to me so I can’t exactly shake her :(