Monday, November 16, 2009


I am slightly frustrated today because

I came in to work today and someone done drank up all my milk that I use for my daily cereal. You see, I am lactose intolerant so I drink a special kind of milk so it was not like a case of mistaken identity. I am the ONLY one that drinks that kind of milk up in this piece..

I went to visit my mum and ran into my uncle who every time I see has to give me serious guilt trip about not calling him. I mean every single time I see him. Like dude am I supposed to be calling you every day and do you have anything else to say to me? Anything??

I took the fall semester off so I could study for my exam. Well to be able to sign up for spring classes I need to reapply because I did not fill out a leave of absence form. Anyways, I did all of that and for some reason beyond me I was marked as international student. Now I have to take them proof of my visa status before they let me register for spring. I am more than halfway done with my program. I am pretty sure they can look up my record and see that I have NEVER been classified as international and save me the stress but who am I kidding?? That would be way too much work for them to do.

I have had a headache for two days and I have no idea why…

Anyways, it's another week and I am alive and well (except for the headache) and for that I am grateful..

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Look like we will be randoming until further notice. It’s the only type of post that fits my current discombobulated state of mind.

It’s supposed to be the busiest time of the month for us at work and I am bored. Hence, the blogging at 11 o’clock in the morning.

I decided to play all the songs on my iPod in alphabetical order and I am rediscovering songs I forgot I had. Forget that award show tutu debacle; Beyonce’s ave maria is actually quite a good song.

Every time I hear that el dee big boy song I feel the sudden urge to get crunk…especially when he goes “gotta rep my hood I’m from Lagos city in naija”

I want to be done with studying and test taking sooooo bad…

One of my bucket list items is to sing Carrie Underwood’s before he cheats at a karaoke. I may be doing that in 2 weeks!

Since when did Pandora stop being free? Stupid economy, everyone wants money :(

“Blessed be your name” just came on, I think there is something about classic old school worship music that you can’t get anywhere else.

Two of my favorite people in the whole wide world are getting married in Dec and I can’t be there, that makes me very very unhappy.

in aproximately 3 weeks, i will take my last exam section and will ,by God's grace, be done with all things CPA.