Friday, December 25, 2009

Taking Stock 2009

let me first start by saying merry christmas! can you imagine 2009 is done already? God is indeed great. This was definitely an interesting year for me. if i had to pick a word that best described my 2009, it would be growth. i was being John 15:2ed in pretty much every area of my life.

Me and Jesus had an interesting ride this year. i cheated on Him a couple of times, realized can't nobody really do me like HIm, broke off the crazy affairs and went back to my first Love.All in all, i would say this year really showed me how much He loves me and I am determined to do better becuase i now have a clearer understanding of our Relationship.

This was a good year for family, i didnt get to spend as much time as i would like because of all the stuff going on( see career/education section) but i can definitely say there was no shortage of love in this area. My mum and I are actually getting along better these days, i think she has finally realized i am grown and THAT is no small feat for a nigerian parent, can i get an amen?

I started out the year sooo lonely friiendshipwise, all the people i wanted to be around lived in other states. For the first time in my life, i prayed that God would bring awesome people my way and He did. I think i lost touch with some people but the ones that matter are still here so thats good. Let's not forget the friends i made on blogville. shout out to Original Mgbeke, Taynement and Simeone!!!

No doubt,, this was my most expensive year ever . i did a lot of spending. moved out on my own with no roomates for the first time. had to buy furniture, pay fo rmy CPA exams. Even though I didnt save as much i would like because there was always something to be bought. i could definitely see God's hand in my finances. I somehow mananged to get a good deal on everything that i needed to buy, even in this year of layoffs i managed to quit a job i hated for one i liked. i believe i am a living proof that tithing works...

There was considerable progress made in this area. i got a clearer vision of what i want to do which made me change my area of study for my masters. Almost done with my professional exams and I am excited for 2010 because it is the year i will finally be done with all things studying,

i was going to start by saying i had my first "heartbreak" this year but in all honesty, it was God taking me out of a crappy situation i did not even know i was in. i matured a lot. realized that if i dont know myself and figure out what i want how am i going to recognize it? oh and i adopted the mantra "no mo' drama" which led to a bunch of numbers being deleted. that felt great.

i had a lot of health scares this year. from hearth attack, to gall bladder surgery to pulmonary embolism all was speculated. I spent more time in hospitals than ever in my life but I am glad to say i am fine. EVERY test that was run came out negative. i started actually watching what i eat, i ate better and exercised more. i am not where i want to be but i am making progress.

i think i developed an addiction to food or maybe i just recognized it? i managed to kick my addiction to facebook. i spend cosiderably less time on it now. i dont know about bad habits, i didnt travel as much as i wanted to this year but i visited a few new states so thats not bad. as for social life, i went more except for days when i was buried in my books. i plan on doing a lot more next year.

So in general, i believe i made progress in every aspect of my life in 2009 and that makes me very very happy. i am soo excited about 2010, i know God has awesome things planned for me.

P.S does anybody else feel like they have to spend the last hours of the year at church or am i just weird? my friend wants to go downtown and i am like naah mehn i will be at church.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lessons from The Office

If I had to pick my all time favorite comedy series it would be the Office. I love love love that show. I am having a bit of bloggers block so I will be writing on lesson I have learnt this week from my office.

Lesson 1: It is never what it looks like. So my boss and I are the only ones on my team that work from our location and he’s gone a lot (vacation and most times working remotely). I used to say I want to be like him when I grow up. Not having show up to work every day. Why did I find out this week that the company lets him do this because a member of his family is seriously ill?

Lesson 2: Do your best especially when you don’t feel like it: I woke up this morning with no desire whatsoever to go to work (It was soo cold) so I decided I would come in looking like a bum after all it’s almost Friday and I am not meeting anybody. Right? Wrong. I forgot today was the day my boss’ boss was coming from HQ. So I met the Director of accounting for the first time with my hair looking a mess and wearing gold ballet flats that do not match my outfit. .

Lesson 3: its all about your perspective: The end of the year is the craziest time for us so everything is on a strict deadline. One of the things that has to happen is an inventory count and it takes a while. So this oversabi guy at work wants to “streamline the process” which I have no problems with except now I am 2 weeks behind and said process did NOT get streamlined. I could get mad at the fact that I will have to work way longer hours later in the month but I choose to realize that he was trying to help and if his method had worked it would actually have saved me time.

In other news, I have absolutely no idea what I am doing for Christmas. It doesn’t feel like Christmas at all I have been lazy but finally got my decorations up yesterday. So I am getting more into it. I think I will feel more Christmassy when I get my result from my exam next week and I know for sure that I am done with the exam. It will be the best present ever!

How is everyone doing?? I need to go do my rounds…

Theme song: Hallelujah by Hillsong,
I have been on a hillsong trip all week. That group is just pure awesomeness.