Monday, April 26, 2010

10 things I love

Happy Happy Monday, how was the weekend? Mine was very eventful but it was good eventful so I really can't complain.

Ok on to the business of things I love. It’s in no particular order so…

1) Cooking: well actually feeding people, I love cooking for the people in my life; I am pretty convinced my boyfriend is with me just for the food.

2) Reading: Give me a good book and sufficient junk food and I am set for days. Grad school and CPA exam have been doing me strong ting so I have not been reading as much but august oh sweet august…

3) Sunday Morning Worship: I don’t think there is really much to say about this. There is no other way I’d rather start my week.

4) Music: Good music that is. And it doesn’t matter what genre. I feel like music is the most amazing form of self expression. No matter how you feel at any given time there is a song for it..

5) Home Decorating/ Entertaining: I have a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine so I guess enough said?

6) My family/Friends: I am quite convinced most of them are crazy but yep there is pretty much nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

7) Shoes: I am a single woman with no children to support, so yea a good portion of my disposable income is spent on footwear. Don’t judge me!

8) Bargain Hunting: I am addicted to the red tag; I don’t remember when last I paid full price for anything that was not food.

9) Traveling: if I could I would go to every part of the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s North Dakota or China. I am just so interested in seeing how other people live

10) Conversations that give me insight into a person’s life: you know those kinds of conversation where you feel like you are getting to see the real person? And it really doesn’t matter what we talk about.

I tag Jaycee, Nice Anon, Simeone , Mgbeks (maybe this will make her come back?) and anybody else who is interested.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Single, Engaged, getting Marrried

Howdy Blog family what’s popping?
So I was watching ABC nightline and they were showing a promo on one of the debates they had. The Topic, “why can’t a single black woman find a man”. One of the guys on there was talking about how black women are looking for a man that doesn’t exist. A Denzel Washington i.e , Fiiiiiiiiine with lots of money. I personally believe it’s the broke guys that talk like that. The way I see it, the so called single gold digging black women found a way to survive before the men came along right? Anyhoo me I am just tired of the single black women talks. Like one article I once read said, can I just be single and not have it be a national crisis? I mean? But I will watch the show though because it involves Sherri Shepherd and Steve Harvey so you know its going to be absolutely heeelarious! It airs tonight on ABC at 11.35 ET

Speaking of single educated women, I have a friend who is engaged, she’s really really educated, I am talking PHD sturvs. Great right? Except for the fact that she’s not sure the guy is really into her. He doesn’t call (they are long distance by the way) and I am like sweetie, you might want to rethink this. you deserve better and she replies well I keep saying that with all the relationships I have been in, I don’t want to be old and single, I want to enjoy marriage and I am like if you marry a guy that is not into you how will that lead to an enjoyable marriage? As in I just tire..

So when I was in college my friends introduced me to the fine art of Nigerian wedding website stalking. Oh I remember spending hours on wedding websites days before my finals. It was horrible. It’s been almost 4 years and I am still a wedding website addict. I don’t spend hours like I did in college partly because i don’t have hours and partly because I have become more efficient at it. One of my buddies is getting married next year and yep you guessed it, I am going to be on a website! I really don’t know how I feel about going from stalker to stalkee cos I know how me and my friends did the people on those websites. Oh well.. c’est la vie

Ok let me go back to work.. Have a wonderful week people!

P.S Someone please tag me in the 10 things I love, I really want to do it :)