Monday, April 26, 2010

10 things I love

Happy Happy Monday, how was the weekend? Mine was very eventful but it was good eventful so I really can't complain.

Ok on to the business of things I love. It’s in no particular order so…

1) Cooking: well actually feeding people, I love cooking for the people in my life; I am pretty convinced my boyfriend is with me just for the food.

2) Reading: Give me a good book and sufficient junk food and I am set for days. Grad school and CPA exam have been doing me strong ting so I have not been reading as much but august oh sweet august…

3) Sunday Morning Worship: I don’t think there is really much to say about this. There is no other way I’d rather start my week.

4) Music: Good music that is. And it doesn’t matter what genre. I feel like music is the most amazing form of self expression. No matter how you feel at any given time there is a song for it..

5) Home Decorating/ Entertaining: I have a subscription to Better Homes and Gardens magazine so I guess enough said?

6) My family/Friends: I am quite convinced most of them are crazy but yep there is pretty much nothing I wouldn’t do for them.

7) Shoes: I am a single woman with no children to support, so yea a good portion of my disposable income is spent on footwear. Don’t judge me!

8) Bargain Hunting: I am addicted to the red tag; I don’t remember when last I paid full price for anything that was not food.

9) Traveling: if I could I would go to every part of the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s North Dakota or China. I am just so interested in seeing how other people live

10) Conversations that give me insight into a person’s life: you know those kinds of conversation where you feel like you are getting to see the real person? And it really doesn’t matter what we talk about.

I tag Jaycee, Nice Anon, Simeone , Mgbeks (maybe this will make her come back?) and anybody else who is interested.


TayneMent said...

I was looking for you to ask why you posted a private post :p

Jaycee said...

#s 2, 5, & 10...I know u already know I love those...oooooohhhh we shd do group readings this summer...(if partner & my life as it is

Enkay said...

Give me a good book any day too and i'm settled for the day!

Although I can't do this during the week, my idea of a perfect day is one spent curled up in bed reading a great book!

Myne Whitman said...

We do share some interests, nothing beats a good book and music too.

Nice Anon said...

I love shoes too but I am guess you like high heels and the rest huh?

Nice Anon said...


*Diane* said...

Hi Brother!!!

And i'm sooooooooo with you on #2, 4 ,6 and 7.